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MWDH's People

Ming Wah was once a small community that was home to over 18 thousand people.

Some of them spent their childhood here, some got married and raised a family.

Some are not residents, but are familiar with the estate’s affairs.

Through interviews and recording, we shed light on these untold stories.


Public estate spaces make for wonderful playgrounds

Daniel Ma, one of the first residents

A1_close up version_edited.jpg

Studying on a balcony surrounding by hill and sea

Lai Wai Chung, one of the first residents

pangpang-15 1__大相之選.jpeg

Balcony and “after-school queue”: Unique childhood of 80s-resident

Pang Men Him, resident


Taking care of Ming Wah is like taking care of a family

Kwok Chi Hung, Technician at Ming Wah

chui sir.png

Construction of MWDH begins with the paving of A Kung Ngam Road

Tsuei Sheng Chen, Former Clerk of Works


More stories are coming soon

Stay tuned!

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